Tech organizer attachable to your laptop and notebooks

Compact and flexible design to organize and carry your most essential items attached to your laptop, notebook or tablet.
The easiest way to move around your workplace with your stuff.

Fits laptops of 13”, 14”, 15” & 17”
Size: 30,5 X 7,5 cm / 11,8 X 2,9″


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 With the versatility you need to keep your essential work items always organized and quickly accessible attached to your laptop. 


Flexible organizer.

LAPTOP & Notebook

Attachable to laptops and notebooks for easy transportation


Keeps your work items organized, even inside your backpack.

Stay organized working from anywhere

Whether you are a working from home or in a corporate office, stay organized, productive and cool with SLIM

Stay organized working from anywhere

Whether you are a working from home or in a corporate office, stay organized, productive and cool with SLIM

The perfect complement
for your laptop

Don’t worry about forgetting your things, with SLIM you can bring what you most need always attached to your laptop.



Keep your hands and pockets free. SLIM is the easiest and practical way to bring your essentials with you to your next meeting.


SLIM adapts to different laptop and notebook sizes and has endless configurations for your “must carry with you” items.


Break free and keep moving

Everything in its place and ready to use

Product Specs


  • Fits laptops of 13”, 14”, 15” & 17”
  • Fits notebooks or folders A4, Letter and Legal size.
  • Flexible and high-quality materials.
  • Quick access to all your stuff.
  • Size: 30,5 X 7,5 cm / 11,8 X 2,9″


Your mobility should have no limits.
Neither should your work.

Stay organized and cool, ready to go to your next meeting.

Average Rating


Daniel L  |  USA


Best, most compact organizing system I've ever owned
This product is so helpful in organizing and carrying the things that I need and otherwise forget when traveling from class to class and meeting to meeting. I strap it on my planner and I have everything I need to get and stay organized between work and graduate school.

Anonymous  |  USA


Great for home, too
This has been a great option for working at home. I like to work in different areas of the house and this is an excellent way to carry everything with me. High quality.

Jean K  |  USA


Excellent organizational tool, great customer service
This is a great way to keep your laptop and accessories organized. It fit my son's 13" laptop very well. It does fit a 15" as well but it is a stretch and not as easy to put on as it is with the smaller laptop. It is an excellent tool for organizing and the company stands by this product. We had a minor issue with the organizer when it arrived and the company was extremely responsive and worked to make it right. I was impressed with their customer service and would definitely recommend this product.

Pablo T  |  USA


It is just awesome!
This item is super functional if you have to go here and there and you need all your devices handy. I just strap it to my laptop and I carry it everywhere. I love how it folds and keeps my phone visible, and the days when I used to dig in my purse for a pen and a pencil are long gone. 10/10 for this organizer that allows me to keep all my stuff in one place, and most importantly... nothing touches any surface that might not be as clean as you would think!

Vanessa S  |  USA


Nice organizer. Classic and modern!

Dan  |  USA


Definitely a "Things You Probably Didn't Know You Needed"!!!
When I first saw this product I knew it was one of those wow “Things You Probably Didn't Know You Needed”
The clever product design does not miss a beat with quality. This product design was well thought out. It includes high quality stitching throughout the canvas material that is equipped with elastic straps and slots for multiple sized items - usually found lying around in a laptop bag.
The attention to detail is too good that even the elastic bands have a non slip inner siding to further keep your items in place.
I honestly can’t say enough about something so simple, but, yet so practical for my organizational needs.
Overall this product does work as described and doesn’t require any changes. It is simply perfect.
Therefore I rate this product a five out of five stars and would highly recommend if you are on the go and need some organization in your laptop bag. Hope you liked this review and let me know if it helped you out.

“I got my Slim and have had a chance to use it on a business trip. Overall I like it and it certainly does solve a problem. Materials and craftsmanship is very good.”

– Melissa W.

“Received my Slim today! Amazing design and material! I’m so excited to start to use it because I’ve always wanted a solution like this!!”

– Aaron P.

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Compatible with:

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MacBook Pro 13/15"
MacBook Air 13"
Surface Pro X 13"
Surface Book X 13,5/15"
Surface Laptop 13"
PC Laptop  13/15"
PC Laptop 16"
PC Laptop  17"
iMac 21/27"
PC Screen 21/27"
iPad Pro 12,9"


Enjoy comfort everywhere and make the world your personal office.

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