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Article: 5 Tips for Staying Focused At Work Remotely

5 Tips for Staying Focused At Work Remotely

5 Tips for Staying Focused At Work Remotely

Do you work from home? These 5 tips can help you to find the best way to stay focused. 
Learning to focus better can help you in a lot of diverse ways (not just with your work) as your life, studying, hobbies, reading, and more.  

The truth about keeping focused is that you get more free time. Less and more effective productive hours. 

  1. Create your own workspace  
    Make the right investment in your workspace: the correct desk and a comfortable chair. Keep your workflow without neck and back pain, your body will thank you. 
    You should make sure to work on a clean and tidy desk, and only have the most important or essential things on the desk like your phone, a water bottle, and your notebook. Other things may distract you.  

  2. Suitable clothing 
    It is really tempting to stay in your pajamas to don't lose time in the morning, but the human mind works with visual and physical stimuli. The best option is to wear something comfortable and allows you to think that you are working and not in your free time. It prevents many from mentally creating a professional home. 
  3. Structure your day 
    A job out of an office gives you a lot of freedom, but... "with great power comes great responsibility". Remember that working from home, it is your sole responsibility to complete your tasks successfully and efficiently.  
    Divide your day with different and mandatory times: start your work at the same time each day, set a fixed time window for your team break, and lunch break to help break up the day. 
    Following a routine as normal to your regular day in the office is key for remaining productive. 
    Something that improves your visualization of the day's task is the following graphic:  

  4. Take some breaks 
    It's important that your brain can rest, and your batteries can recharge. We need to take constant breaks because your brain after some time loses focus. Middle morning coffee or lunch are good moments to take a short walk, call friends, or breathe a few minutes. 
    It is important to stay moving, even if that just means stretching your legs and going to the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee. 
  5. Work-life balance 
    You must be clear when you are working and when you are not. Just as you have a place for work, you must respect the hours you dedicate to it and the hours you don't 
    Your free time is important to keep the focus when you are working, for this, you must leave your work thinks when you are sharing with your family, friends or just watching a movie. 
    Keep clear the hours limit with your team, boss, or family. 

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