Get an agile working environment

Getting an agile working environment is not just about productivity or comfortable environments. 

Everything aims to health in our way of working. Flexible work environments encompass much more than adapting space to meet the demands of employees. Employees in an agile work environment can be productive in a free way.

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So... What can we do to make an agile work environment? 

  • In conceptual terms, a good balance of calm, personal, and collaborative space. Creating places for each context and situation. 
  • Think about a workplace that is easily adaptable, keeping the focus on the main tasks and your staff evolution. 
  • The workspace is not just a physical place, we must keep the concept of "environment", which is mean (a place) + (procedures). Basically, keep clear some dynamics that keep your staff happy and focused on their tasks. 
  • Technology is our best friend to make an agile environment. Using different tools, we can be connected most of the time.  

What Are the benefits of an agile work environment? 

  • Costs of real estate and facilities management can be reduced. 
  • As your business grows, it will be easier to accommodate contract workers, consultants, and additional staff. 
  • Collaboration is improved (the key to growth), and staff productivity is increased. 
  • Improving employee retention and recruitment by contributing to a more favorable and beneficial employee experience. 

An agile work environment has three options: 

  1. Actively Based Working (ABW) 
    Throughout the day, employees can reserve rooms, equipment, and even workspaces, moving from one location to another as their activities change. 
  1. Office Hoteling 
    Employees can register a workstation in advance of their arrival at the company and stay there for the duration of the day. 
  1. Hot Desking 
    A few unassigned workstations are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any member of the staff. When employees come to work, they choose a desk to work at. 

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