Organization and productivity are directly related. The space around you determines how you work, your mental state and mood. Be it an office for an employee, a home desk for the freelancer, or a person always on the go with work essentials working from a co-working or a coffee shop.

Less clutter invites higher efficiency required to use the time and resources at its full benefit. Imagine your work desk spread and disorganized as a junkyard, now think of finding a pen out of it or maybe a USB out of that clutter. Impossible, we know.

The jumbled up things waste your time in looking out for things. This affects your efficiency directly as every minute is essential, and a little distraction can slow down your tempo of work.

A clear workspace clears up the mind too, as all the distractions and hinderers towards productivity are eliminated. Others might waste their free time procrastinating or gossiping, but if you employ the same time to organize your workplace, you would observe numerous benefits contributing to your productivity in one way or another.

An organized work area reduces the stress level allowing mind space to be used for more productive things. It also promotes consistency and allows you to meet the deadlines on time. Everything adds up to productivity, which leads to work getting done at a higher pace in less time. To learn more about how freelancers are benefiting from this, you can take a look to this study about freelancer confessions.

Talking about the organization, how do we not mention organizers and products that help in organizing? There were times when you would use baskets and organizing stands to keep the things in manner.

But do you think they are usable now? Now when things are smart, and work has become digital?

Here comes the need for a unique range of tech organizers to keep your work essentials at one place altogether, without any compromise on productivity and ready to use or ready to go.

Beblau aims to provide today’s workers, what we call “the digital nomads”, an easy experience of work with their digital devices, enabling working comfortable from anywhere. With the organizers’ range, you don’t have to worry about holding tons and tons of stuff in your hands (dropping some things too) or carrying a bag everywhere you go. With these smart range of organizers, you can get organization, portability, ease and style together.

Today’s work requires a laptop, a mobile phone, pens, USB, a mouse, or whatnot. How do you carry all these things altogether while running the office errands? 
Carrying a backpack in the office is out of the question, so do you hold all of the stuff in your hands?

To stay in order and sorted at all times, investing in tech organizers can help you be more productive. They will keep you organized and won’t let the disorganization affect your efficiency.

Staying Organized

FOLD is the portable & flexible organizer that can be carried attached to your laptop or just used to keep your desk in order. De-cluttering your desk can provide you clear headspace that creates room for productivity.
Digital life can cause a great mess, especially the wires, cables, chargers or headphones or any other thing. The cluttered environment restraints your ability to focus.

The flexible SLIM from Beblau is an organizer that can be attached to your laptop, notebook, or can be utilized alone. This product is movable too, can be put in the backpack as well, ensuring the important digital things are kept together, so you don’t have to search in your bag every time you need something.

Sometimes the tiniest of the things are needed in a moment’s time but guess what? You are under the heap of junk and completely clueless about the whereabouts of things. Then you will analyze how disorganization has caused uninvited stress and anxiety without any reason.

The TWIST is yet another product to bring structure to your work desk and life as well. Your imagination is the limit to keep whatever you need to work organized.
It’s high time you get rid of the chaos and clutter and organize yourself so you can perform to your fullest.
So what are you waiting for? Order away your smart tech organizer from beblau and stay productive!

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