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Home office and organization of work are tough things to manage at the same time. A decade ago, working from home wasn’t familiar enough. But now technology has provided flexibility and work from home is a rising trend. Apart from this, the pandemic of COVID-19 forced millions of people to move to remote working (at home). According to Atlantic magazine;

“COVID-19 outbreak has triggered an anxious trial for remote work on a grand scale.”

In 2015, in the USA, 3.9 million people were working remotely. But today, the number has reached up to 4.7 million, which is 3.4% of the population.
Is it true that home office and organization improve productivity?

We don’t know how long we will have to deal with this COVID 19 situation. But one thing is for sure, the trend of the home office is here to stay permanent. Above all, it’s a fact that working from home can increase productivity. The following stats are proving the point;

According to the study of Stanford, working from home has increased productivity by up to 13%.
The same study concluded that homework improved work satisfaction by up to 50%.

Above all, workers in the home office feel less distracted from co-workers. As a result, they show more productivity. Due to stats like the aforementioned, some of the top companies in the world have announced that their employees can continue the home office forever (if they want to). For instance, Microsoft and Google saw an improvement in productivity and job satisfaction.

Positive and negative sides of home office:

If you are thinking of continuing working from home following the home office trend, then there are several things to consider. As everything in life, there are pros and cons. Here are a few to think about:
Pros of home office:
It gives you more independence
It enhances productivity
More work flexibility with fewer office distractions
No commuting, thus more time for you
Time and money saving (no commuting, eating at home, …)
Most importantly, it provides better work-life balance

Work from home increases isolation
You may have to bear some extra home office costs
Productivity could be affected due to the lack of an organized environment
You may not have the ideal desk and work environment
Disconnection from the office affects communication skills
Sometimes could be hard to separate the work from personal life
Above all, one of the hardest things is to maintain the organization of your home office. Many people don’t have a dedicated desk, having to work from the dinner or kitchen table. This leads to packing and unpacking your office several times a day.

To solve this, you need the right accessories to manage your office supplies and work essentials smartly. According to studies, your productivity could be affected if you are unable to organize yourself. Beblau has the solution to this problem.

The best solution to organize your home office: Beblau.

Beblau is the world’s first company that is offering smart and flexible organizers that are 100% attachable to your laptop or notebook. In short, portable items are the best and practical solution to organize office supplies and work essentials. So, if you are looking for organization, mobility, flexibility, and quality, with sleek design then Beblau is for you.

It is the star product of Beblau that has a flexible design to organize your stuff and carry it attached to your laptop or notebook, keeping everything handy and accessible. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then you need this organizer to take your workspace on the go. Moreover, FOLD with its flexible and high quality design comes with these features:
It is small enough to carry it everywhere but large enough to store items like a mouse, charger, and other small stuff.

It acts as the desktop organizer and can be folded with a simple gesture. Also, you can keep it in the backpack to secure your office supplies.

FOLD can fit different laptops (13”, 14” and 15”) and you can put in it different chargers, cables, mouses, and more.
Apart from the FOLD, there are other accessories from Beblau that you can use separately to stay organized and move around your home office with ease. For instance, you can go for the SLIM and TWIST to make your work-life easier, stylish and well managed.

In short, the main aim of the Beblau is to provide organization & mobility for todays’ workers working from anywhere, either at home, a coffee shop, a co-working space or a meeting room in a corporate office.

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