Digital technologies now underpin effective participation in key areas of life and work. In addition to optimizing the blessings of technology, the mobility and flexibility needed to make use of digital technology and benefit from its growing power and functionality have never been more essential.

The world is changing from what it used to be and the ancient methods and ways of doing things are becoming archaic. We now live in a digital world with broadband and ICTs driving the ongoing reorganization and transformation of life and work experiences.

The effects of COVID-19 outbreak have been very prominent across all sectors of the global economy now and it has already reshaped the future of work completely, accelerating already ongoing changes.

The way we work and interact with people, objects and our space are changing continually in tandem with the development of new technologies. We are now left with no option than to join the digital nomad league or get kicked out of the game. Well, it’s obvious no one wants to choose the latter option, so technically speaking we are now living in the digital nomad era.

As much as it sounds cool to know technology had simplified our professional jobs or businesses, it’s important to also know things can be better with the help of a few accessories in place.

The number of entrepreneurs and freelancers are continuously increasing why the guys who spend hours in the offices with corporate dresses seem to be on the rise. Whether you are the smartest entrepreneur, the guy who safe the day from home with his computer while on pants or the type that’s already in the office at 7:30 am, it’s all a game of productivity.

We all know one or two persons that seem to be a machine because they always get so many things done and yet, we have access to the same 24hrs a day. They get enormous things done while you get very little done at the end of the day. Very frustrating right? And you begin to wonder, what’s the magic behind this? Well, there’s no magic anywhere.

Most times, our productivity is at the mercy of how organized we are with our tools, materials, and even gadgets we use in the office or at home.
Have you ever wondered why successful and productive people keep everything simple in their workspace and offices? Because this little technique influences their energy and focus, bring about optimum productivity. Unarguably, you get things done faster when you are well organized. How do you feel when you get to your office table and you see your diary/journal, pen, and phone scattered? These little things frequently take away your energy and focus without you knowing.

How do you step up your game at the office in the world where everything seems to be driven by technology? Mobility is key to how we carry out our tasks in the office, at business meetings, or even for people earning while working from the comfort of their home. This is one of the challenges facing the individual work lifestyle that technology hasn’t been able to solve. 

To help office workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers deliver fast and smart, Beblau had created a range of solutions. These are solutions which on a daily basis address our new way of working. You now have smart accessories that enable easier mobility and well-organized work life for today’s workers of even if you are learning a new language from home.

In this digital nomad era, smart accessories are one of the very few things that are a must to have to accelerate your productivity at work.

Beblau had made the world’s first portable organizers 100% attachable to your devices, developed for nomadic workers that look for smart and practical solutions to make their routine easier.  

FOLD helps you stay organized when working at your desktop and help you get your workspace on the go when needed, attached to your devices. 

SLIM is ideal for moving around from one meeting to another carrying your essentials with you, always organized and attached to your laptop. 

TWIST provides unlimited flexibility. You can attach it to a notebook, laptop, use it to tie up whatever you want, bringing endless applications for your accessories.

It’s has been discovered that one of the very few of most energy-draining activities is decision making. How many times have you caught yourself thinking whether you should put your phone in the pocket or hold it with the notepad? Or how should you arrange your credential for easy mobility? But you can spend that seconds and brain energy on something else when you have an accessory that is decisively made to take care of that. 

A work lifestyle with these smart accessories will not only make work easier for you but will also enhance your delivery in your place of work. For your business meeting, conference, seminar, or interview, look more presentable and professional with Beblau products. They are made for your convenience and easy mobility. Studies have proved that our workspace has a huge effect on our output. 

Get smart and organized with these accessories and watch how your output in the office increase. Technology is a blessing in disguise. Optimize it. Learn to use the necessary accessories and tools to enhance your work output. 
Beblau helps today’s workers with a digital lifestyle to stay organized, productive, and ready to go for success!

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