Ever wonder why some digital nomads and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc. can do so much more in a day, yet these are the same 24-hours you get access to as well. If you struggle all day long, feel tired after work, and still feel you could do better in terms of productivity, then it's time to slow down, think about what’s missing, and how you can improve your productivity.

 No matter if you are working from home or office, the organization is a key ingredient of productivity. When things get cluttered, we get distracted, so our performance suffers. When we organize our tools, gadgets, and workspace, it is much better to streamline our process and thoughts.


Digital Nomad Accessories and Gadgets

 With the growing trend of work-from-home jobs, more and more digital nomads and freelancers are adapting to the digital lifestyle. Many digital nomads travel while they work, so they prefer to live a minimalist life, and carry only the necessary tools and gadgets with them.  However, there are certain digital nomad gadgets and accessories that can’t be avoided if you are seeking to be productive while working remotely.

 Even if you are traveling with only a laptop and backpack, having a notebook organizer is a great way to keep everything simple, yet effective. Most successful and productive people keep everything organized no matter where they are working. Because this small strategy influences their energy and positivity and brings a great vibe to their work.

It is obvious that not many people have achieved their full potential. But if you want to change your life and stay productive, this is probably the best time for you.

What is a smart organizer?

The smart organizer is a digital nomad gadget that allows smart and productive people to make their professional life easier and more flexible. It aims to solve the needs of remote work and organization. You can attach the smart organizer with your laptop or notebook without any hassle. The smart organizer is available in natural color-tone and looks really stylish.

Types of smart organizers

To help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads work faster and efficiently, Beblau has created the next-generation of smart tech organizers, that helps you keep your work essentials organized and effective.

These solutions are must-to-have accessories for anyone interested to keep their work or study life really productive and organized. Although these solutions aim to help digital lifestyle, it is equally effective for office workers or students.

Beblau has introduced three portable organizers that are 100% attachable to notebooks, laptops, or your devices.

Fold Organizer

- It helps you stay organized when you are working on a table. You can attach the fold organizer with your notebook or laptop while carrying your most essential elements. You can attach larger items, like a mouse, laptop charger, smartphone, along with your small objects like a sharpie, pen, USB, etc.

Slim Organizer

- This tech organizer t is ideal for moving from one place to another carrying your essentials with you, always organized and attached to your notebook or laptop. You can strap it on anything like a book or planner and have everything you need to work on the go.

Twist Organizer

- It’s one of the smallest multipurpose smart organizers in the family. It’s versatile and flexible design allows you to attach, carry, and transport your essential items as you move.

Digital nomad accessories and gadgets like Fold organizer, Slim organizer, and Twist Organizers are specially designed for digital nomads, freelancers, and IT professionals who like to stay organized and productive while being location-independent. Today, we are living in an era of technology and it has played an important part to improve our productivity which is simply about efficiency and organization

This isn’t a secret anymore that Beblau’s organizers can help you stay organized and optimize your workspace, facilitating your work life and helping you stay productive as a digital nomad.

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